Focus development

Hello, my name is ob2n & I’m the leader and a developer of the new development team known as focus.

We’re looking for developers to work on our studio, we’re going to be producing mainly indie, comedic & showcase type games. The payout rate for our team is 5-10%, with us covering advertising and designing costs, however you must remain active within the team & help produce high quality content with us.

We’re looking for people who have flexible hours, who know how to handle stress.

We’re mainly looking for the following types of developers, however this may change.

  • UI Designers (Advanced)
  • 3D Modelers (Intermediate/Advanced)
  • Builders (Advanced)
  • Graphic Designers (Advanced, paid by commission) (Includes contributer role inside of our group)

If you have what it takes to join the focus development team, please do contact me with your full portfolio and information about yourself at ob2n#0001, thank you.

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