Focusing another textbox when a textbox is already selected when using a gamepad does not trigger FocusLost on the initially active textbox

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Two textboxes: one is being focused with a gamepad (i.e. A button), allowing input. Focus is captured. Now the LStick can be used to navigate to another textbox, press A again, capturing focus in that second textbox. The first textbox loses focus. The FocusLost event is not fired for the first textbox, which is expected. IsFocused returns false though, as expected. Only the event is not being fired.
When using a mouse to switch focus between textboxes instead of a gamepad, the events are all properly fired.

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Consistently, see repro file below. Repro steps there are to capture focus in the first textbox using a gamepad, notice how the output now spams first_textbox has focus? true as expected. Select the second textbox using a gamepad, and as a result releasing focus on the first one. first_textbox has focus? false is now spammed, indicating focus was lost. focus lost on first_textbox is not printed, so the FocusLost event was not fired.

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Live. Repro file: repro3.rbxl (14.4 KB)

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No clue.

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Tested on Win 10 with a Xbox 360 USB gamepad.