Fog appearing in play solo?

Hi guys!
Any ideas why there is fog appearing in play solo?
I haven’t added any and it has never happened before :confused:

Edit: Just found out when I turn my graphics settings up (more than 6/7) it goes away!

Fog distance is affected by your render distance (or at least it used to, haven’t had to go to low render settings recently).

How come it has just changed? :confused:

There’s different quality settings for Studio and in-game as well, try checking if they are the same in Settings in Studio.

Can confirm I’ve noticed the same problem today in a place of mine - changing FogEnd >1000 still renders it at around 1/4 of the distance. Before this I was not able to see the fog at all (10000); now it’s completely grayed out at 500 studs.

The answer to this is a little foggy, but we’re working on it.


if you don’t want any fog, just set fog start to 1000000 and fog end to 1000000 as well under lighting. it’s not just studio, it’s even on live games too, for under 6 graphic settings.

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