Fog not working as desired

I made fog for my game, but I have one issue.

The whole point of the fog is so that you can’t see other players, but as you can see in the picture, you are still able to see the silhouettes of things, even though you can’t see the details. How do I fix this?

PS: If this is the wrong topic, please let me know instead of flagging it, and I will fix it ASAP. I just thought this fit into UX.

If you’re goal is to make things in the distance invisible, use atmosphere, not the default lighting fog

To make things completely invisible, change the Offset to 0 and the Density to whatever you want the range of visibility to be.

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The atmosphere makes it a little too dark, so you cant really see much. I was also using studs to measure the range of visibility, which atmosphere doesn’t use.

try messing around with this?

i got a result of this

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I tried that, and it didn’t work too well for me.

is the image above, does looks like something you want create?

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What I do is create an inside-out circle mesh in Blender and then weld it to the HumanoidRootPart. That should stop the weird effect where fog doesn’t apply to the skybox.

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I want it kinda like that, but I want the fog to be dark grey.

something like this?

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I’d suggest using the Atmosphere over the Fog property. You can change the colour of the atmosphere’s “fog” by playing around with the two colour properties it has.
I would also suggest selecting the rough colour you want for it and then fine-tune it down to the more desired end result.

Yes, that looks like how I want it.

One way to hide silhouettes is to have a sphere with inverted normals that has the same radius as the max fog distance plus some, this would obscure any outlines and make everything outside of the radius appear as a solid color. It would have to be on the client though.

sorry for the late reply, the only properties that i mess around with are,
Density for how thick the fog
If you want to, you can mess around with offset, but that’ll leave a silhouette of objects in the background(this is probably your issue)

You can mess around with color and decay to get the desire look that you want
And with haze, you can also mess around with that, but after 3 there’s hardly any visible differences to it

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