Folders to organize models

I would love to see a feature that makes you able to group published models into a folder of sorts. Essentially, the way sets work - except the model would not have to be free.

This is especially useful for people that work on multiple projects.


I really would like this to be a thing. It’s very similair to the usage of Sets, but I don’t think they’re being used right now.
When I’m making models for two games, I sometimes forget which model is for what project and I get things mixed up.

So yes, please let this be a thing. A better version of Sets

Using some web APIs, you can create custom folders in your game.
(Like the “Scripts” and “Images” when you upload an image / create a linked source)
Before the feature to upload game images was completely released, I had already linked models to a group game.
(Completely useless, except for seeing it in studio… that’s about it, folks…)

Also the limits on how much sets you can have… sigh

Anyone else noticing sets are disappearing?
(Not from ROBLOX, but almost nobody uses them anymore)

I don’t even know how to use sets anymore.
It just seems unaccessable to me.


Something worth mentioning, groups can own assets so I usually make a group for any big games I’m working on. That way I can publish all project-related assets (and places!) to that group.

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So what you’re saying is: “Make another group dedicated only to one project and store your assets there”.

Is this correct?

In our case, we’re making two games on the same group. Therefore, we cannot benefit from this :confused:

That’s what he’s saying.

I also got a group (even though I’m NBC and can’t sell anything on it, very sad), and a few group games.
(Well, “group games” more like “projects started as a group that got suspended”)
Assets related to those group games I put on the group, stuff for a game I work solo on I put on my profile.
Why should I create a group for each game I try developing?
(I start tons of projects and never finish them)
(I’m NBC, I can’t even create groups, or join other ones)
(Okay, if your game reaches front page and has a big community, you could create a fan group)

Yep. I do this not just for separate models: I can then split the game’s revenue with the dev team, let the team devs edit the game, and I allow fans of the game to use that group as the official group (for discussion, etc).

I find it’s great for managing projects!

Thing is, we work in a development group.

There could be two folders in the Group Admin menu. Each for every game that is published to the group.
You can click the game’s folder and press an arrow to expand the options menu for it.
In there, you can choose out of many different options such as Audio, Models, Decals, ETC.
Same thing as the user inventory, but just smaller and compressed.

Out of curiosity, how many models are you publishing? If it’s a development group, why are you guys using models? To share assets or because you’re repeatedly using an asset?

Even if you publish dozens of models, they’re still relatively easy to find. I noticed the toolbox doesn’t have a search for group assets. Would that solve your issue? My problem with this folders idea is it sounds like it would take months to implement and wouldn’t really solve a large problem (I’m still not convinced this is even a small problem, although my opinion can be changed).

What are you guys publishing in these models? And would a search feature for group assets (in the toolbox) solve the problem?

We mostly create models to load them later in-game via a module, easily access them, share assets with each other, etc. It’s also really neat to have someone make an asset and publish it to group models, since you can easily import it yourself afterwards!

I’m not sure searching would help, except if it was by keywords: For example, Partcline puts DVDII in front of all models related to a Davidii boss fight we’re working on. That way it’d be super simple to find what you were looking for, given the model has the correct name (which obviously is the developer’s responsibility :wink:)