Folders/Categories On Develop Page

As a Roblox developer, it is currently too hard to categorize and organize assets on the Develop page. To remedy this, I would suggest the ability to create and modify folders that can contain assets of a particular type.

create and modify folders that contain assets

This is a rough mockup of what such a system may look like. Upon clicking the “Expand” button, a list of games/nested folders would appear (read: on the same page) in the same format as games are normally listed now. Clicking “Create New Folder” would just create a folder titled “New Folder” at the top of the page (similar to how Microsoft Windows Explorer does it already). Deleting a folder would just clear out all of the contents and delete the empty folder, and it wouldn’t actually be deleting any assets. Clicking the “Description” link would allow you to add/change a personal note reminding yourself of what its purpose is.

Folders and assets can be dragged around by clicking any of the whitespace on the slot and dragging it up and down the screen. Assets can be dropped into folders (and, consequently, folders can be nested in other folders) by dragging into the center of a folder slot.

There are many use cases for this. For example, I may have a list of games that are currently being advertised. I would create a folder called “Advertised” and drag all of my games into the folder. Then, maybe I want to break it down further. There are some games I’m only advertising a bit, and some that I’m pouring a ton of money into. I would want to make two more folders inside of the Advertised one and organize the games appropriately.

There are endless advantages to a nesting folder system. For one, I don’t have to s c r o l l through 400 place files anymore–I can just open the correct folder and find the one I want. For two, I can eliminate the need to go searching–if I structure my folders correctly, everything should be easy to locate. This feature would clear up so much headache.

I am by no means a designer, and the mockup image I created is somewhat sloppy and probably conflicts with other mockups and feature requests I’ve made. If you think you can make a better design, go for it!




Support, really keeps that develop tab neat and shiny :grin:

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