Folding blocks of code is inconsistent

When you press the arrow along the left side in the Studio text editor to fold blocks of code, other folder blocks directly below cannot be reopened. You have to reopen them starting from the first block in the chain. There are also cases where you cannot fold a block of code.

Repro place: block-folding.rbxl (12.2 KB)

Case 1 (Block folded below another won’t reopen):

  • Fold the two functions at the top (function1 and function2), the order doesn’t matter.
  • Attempt to reopen function2. It will remain closed.

Case 2 (Second folded block out of 3 will reopen fine)

  • Fold the first three blocks (function1, function2 and the do-end block)
  • Attempt to reopen function2 and it will unfold fine.

Case 3 (Cannot fold a block)

  • Fold function1, function2, the if statement, and test.
  • Attempt to fold the do-end block and it will remain open.

All of these are very consistent on my end, so hopefully easy to reproduce and fix.


I have submitted a report for this. I appreciate the repro steps and place.