Folding & Unfolding All Descendants in Explorer

As a Roblox developer, it’s currently difficult, messy and very time consuming to fold & unfold anything in the explorer.
I think it’d be very convenient to allow Shift + Left Click on an arrow to (un)fold an object and all of its descendants.


This will improve efficiency and completely erase the old way of (un)folding every single individual object… Which could be very frustrating!



What practical benefit would you achieve with the “unfold all” feature? Your example is limited to an empty base plate containing a single, simple model. In this case it will save a couple of clicks at best. In all other cases, and when working on games, “unfold all” would result in a mess that makes it much, much more difficult to navigate the explorer.

“Fold all” would have more practical use, but seems most useful to help clean up the mess “Unfold all” creates.

If you’re looking to dig into specific parts of your model, you can Alt + Click on a part which will then reveal it in the Explorer, no matter how deep it is. This will only unfold the models/folders that are relevant at that time, allowing you to find objects in the Explorer without making a mess.

Alternatively, in order to close all the unfolded models/folders above a selected instance, you can repeatedly press the Left Arrow Key to Fold the selection’s childs and move the selection to the Parent object.

I might be a simple developer, but I feel like these functions provide more functionality while avoiding the mess.


It’s an example, it’s supposed to give an image of what I mean. It’s not supposed to be 100% accurate.

I see what you mean, but I’m not quite convinced. You see, if you Alt+Click one part of a model, like you suggested, that contains many other parts, inside a model, inside a model, inside a folder, inside ReplicatedStorage, it’ll be more messy than being able to unfold everything and fold everything back in. (I mean, why would you press the Left Arrow Key over and over again if you can just press Shift + Click on the arrow instead?)

It’s not like you could easily hit the shift key and then click by accident, so I don’t see what could be creating a mess here. Besides, it’s merely a key-bind that I noticed is used in other software so even if it’s an inconvenient key-bind, then I’m quite assured that people can provide a better key-bind by providing feedback if it’s not customizable by default.

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I support the addition of “fold all” but “unfold all” seems like I might accidentally trigger it and freeze studio for a few seconds. Nah to that.