Follower System Does not work for intended purpose

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    The Follower system allows you follow a feed of people you aren’t friends with, according to the release blog post of the friends/followers update. However, i cannot recall ever seeing a a post on my roblox feed from someone im following for at least a year. I verified that this feature does not work by creating an alt, settting a status on it; and then not seeing the status
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    The Roblox Feed
  • When did the bug start happening? If we can tie it to a specific release that helps us figure out what we broke.
    A year ago at the least

That’s not good… I have reported this internally. Thank you.


Can we get an update on this? This is more relevant to me now than when i made the post, as i now have ~6500 followers and none of them can get updates from my status changes. I didn’t hear anything about it at RDC.


I think there’s a concern for users such as myself that are following tens of thousands of people as a result of the old friends system. How will Roblox implement following feed in a way that scales with following count?

The solution might be as simple as a settings option for “who do I want to receive notifications from” with following, friends and no one. Or, it might be more complicated.

Still, I think that the ability to follow and receive updates from important users is just as important as following your favorite games. It’s upsetting that this functionality was forgotten about. Hopefully we can get an update on it.


This bug is still an issue. Without this functionality status updates are basically useless for anyone but your friends, giving less reasons to visit the My Feed page. At this point there is no reason to follow users unless you want to find them more easily, and having a lot of followers seems like a cosmetic for your profile that doesn’t really benefit anyone.

From the original post announcing the feature: