Requesting developer feedback for social features

Hey Developers,

We are looking for feedback regarding how users connect and socialize on the website. We are especially interested in what is important to you, the developers. In particular, we are interested in your feedback on key features such as forums, chat, groups, and providing support to players.

Please share your feedback with us by posting in this thread with the following format:

  • I want to do _____ on Roblox (or I want my players to be able to ________ on Roblox) but it’s currently too hard/impossible.
  • Has it been posted on the DevForum as a feature request? (If yes, please share the link):
  • What would be your ideal solution?

The Roblox Team


I want to have a conversation on roblox. But the over eager filtering makes it hard/impossible


I want to have a forum-like system on Roblox, but it’s currently impossible. It has been posted on the dev forum in Lilly’s Group Overhaul, and has even been made as a Hack Week project. Whatever the Hack Week project did, I want it.


Currently the follow feature has been broke for several years, and players who follow me to get updates on their wall telling me about what im working on in my games will get nothing.

As i reported in this thread


I want to do have an active Discord (or Discord like - voice chat not required!) community on Roblox but it’s currently too hard, because of the regulations and lack of on site support (group reforms might work, probably not)

Edit: Misunderstood the format.

Yes allowing Discord would be the ideal format (but group reforms would do), and some solutions have been posted here


I want to have more friend places on Roblox, but the current friend limit is too low.
Not that I know of.
Increase the friend limit from 200 to 500 or possibly even unlimited, what’s stopping it?

(If it’s restricted because of VIP servers, I’d like to know why. It really shouldn’t be a restriction.)



I don’t really interact with people on Roblox. However, I think this would benefit a lot of people who do you use Roblox to talk to their friends!


I want to communicate with my fans, but I can’t dude to the over-eager filter & lack of tools for communication with a community. All we have is a shout, we should get more.


I want to be able to @ users on my group wall so they can easily see when their question was answered. It’s currently impossible for them to be notified, so they have to check back on their own fruition.
Doesn’t look like it’s been posted in feature requests.
The ideal solution is to make it a permission on the group admin page, so only those with permission have the power to send their @ name a Roblox notification


I want to share with my players exclusive content such as screenshots, videos and other stuff without needing to use external websites, such as Twitter or Discord (which was already a perfect solution, sadly banned).

The filter also restricts me a lot on this.

One way this could be done is through groups, which are pretty outdated nowadays when compared to the rest of the website. Lilly’s Group Overhaul is a nice solution, and one hack week project was the perfect solution too.


I want my players to be able to leave game reviews / comments on my ROBLOX game, but it’s currently too hard/impossible.

Adapt a user review system similar to steam or metacritic, where the best / highest reviews are decided by players based on “was this review helpful” ratings.


As Younite said, more friends would be even better. 500-1000. Making it better for developers to add their fans in-game. This does cause a lot of fans to be upset, getting “rejected” by someone you look up to is a horrible feeling.


:emojis: would be awesome!


I want to have detailed feedbacks & shout updated of my games but it’s currently too hard/impossible with the current communication & rating system…
It has already been mentioned here. but no action was taken whatsoever.

My ideal solution is to add some sort of chat that the community can use to reach out the developer and vice-versa.


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Bring in newer features towards groups. With forums gone maybe see like forums or something for groups?


I want multiple levels of communication on group pages.

Currently we have wall and shouts.

My group gets hundreds of pages of wall posts a day on good days, leaving it ineffective, the two ideal things would be 1. pinned wall posts and 2. Replies to said pinned wall posts or to all wall posts. It’s currently impossible without context clues to hold conversations with group members… I have to either add them to use the chat system, or remove privacy features to let anyone message me to allow conversation.

Pinned wall posts would be used for long term notifications (i.e thanks for 5m visits! Use code 5million for perk) and low level announcements (i.e minor game update log)

Shouts reach all users online quickly, leaving me to use about less as to not spam members…

Admin chat, some where in group admin where users with specific role permissions would be able to leave messages for other users with sane permission. I’m using third party software(discord) to talk with my staff because roblox offers no effective way to talk with 10+ select people at once. Admin chat would solve this.

No doubt these been suggested before, didn’t look for threads though.

Edit: from my point of view, groups are totally waste right now. My group has over 100k members who share common Interests, but we can’t build relationships and discussions unless we leave the group page. Ideally you would have no reason to leave the group page


I want to be able to organize, sift through, and control my place files easily, but it’s currently too difficult. I’ve created a few threads about this in the past:


I would love to utilise player’s age / veteran status / country / gender settings on Roblox in some way.

  • Comment section could have language settings for example. Just like Steam’s reviews. Same could apply to games, so we can play with people of specified language.
    Example: My thread - Advanced Server Settings (or at least their improvement)

  • Ability to play with veteran players and socialize with them! Same could apply to your age group. We know some people don’t will to play with just kids. They seek more interesting experiences. It is hard for me to find people who have played for long, just like me.

  • Gender could have some kind of API on the site and in-game. For example, if your group rank is called “Mister”, it will be named “Miss” for females. Or you can make a script where player starts with a male or female playermodel. Some languages use different words or even sentences depending on someone’s gender as well! We can’t keep everything gender-neutral in the localisation, unless…

I think it would be easy to implement, uniting everyone and groups.
The gender one could add a nice detail tbh.


I want players to be able to view more information about my game such as changelogs but it’s currently too hard.

I also want a better inbox on roblox, which would allow players to message me and I would be able to easily respond and manage my messages. Right now the current inbox for PMs is too messy. You can’t manage your messages in a gmail like format, there is no tabs or folders to drag messages into etc.

I would also like to have the game genre pages re-added. This was an important social feature for networking games. As of right now, if a game isn’t on the FP (front page) it’s nearly impossible to discover.