Followers/ Following

Whats the point of following people, you don’t get anything extra from following a ROBLOX player.

Maybe if their status could be posted on your wall? Perhaps a revamp of the home page could help, include a twitter-like wall page, where you can see your favorite dev’s progress or your friends posts.


I think following was made in anticipation of future features that ROBLOX hasn’t gotten around to working on, but yeah, it’d be great if ROBLOX started making use of the feature.

This is already done, except for friends instead of followers. This was because the friends/followers update came out after home page feed, and I imagine the reason ROBLOX hasn’t updated it yet is because they don’t think feed is useful. When they redesigned the homepage they said the reason the feed was at the bottom of the page where nobody could see it was because it was effectively useless. For this to change, we’d need the feed to be substantially more useful, perhaps through the suggestions you’ve made.

Personally, I think it’d be great if we were able to:

  • follow games/groups for updates/new shouts/etc
  • get notifications about things you follow in the notification stream
  • engage in discussion over feed instead of just being able to observe it

It would be nice if you could post pictures and videos, just like on twitter prob unlikely, just a nice feature

I don’t think images are that out there. We could embed already-moderated decals.

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I think there should be more to the feed than what their currently is. Call me a dreamer but I think the ability to post images or items on your feed (kinda like twitter) would make the whole followers/following a bit more interesting.

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I posted an idea like this a few years ago, it would be a useful thing. But the problem is that a load of players are following hundreds, if not thousands of players (mostly due to them having hundreds/thousands of friends before the friends & followers update) so their feed would be hectic.

it would be fun to see a constant stream of updates on you feed- (if you did follow a thousand people)

it would also give players another reason to stay on roblox, socialising via their feed, just like twitter

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