Following friends into a game even if they've turned their follow-into-game setting off

Even if a friend has his “Who can follow me into the game” setting at “No one,” that green icon still contains a link to the game he is playing. This is only the case on the Home page - the Friends and Profile pages behave correctly.

(Friends page - proof that his follow setting is off, as no information is displayed here)


Bumping this again because it’s still not fixed, and now it’s also resulting in Roblox’s own confidential place locations being revealed to the public.

Nobody should be able to follow me in-game, but…

Green icon only says “Online” but it is still a link to the game I’m in

Profile page uses the correct behavior, it is just the Home page that has the issue

On top of this, places that friends visit while their follow setting is off should not appear in Friend Activity. The current behavior of Friend Activity makes it very easy to deduce where friends are even if they don’t want anyone following them.


Hi there! I filed this as a bug a while ago, and we should be able to work on this soon!


has this been fixed? recently had non followers and non friends follow me into games.


A year later from this reply and it still is bugged for me, people constantly join me when joins are off.

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combine this with a chrome plugin that can search for specific players in game and you can easily follow your friends into games

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Do you play only one game mainly or similar? That extension is a thing…

I play tons of different games, I normally just play obbies, and I’ll most likely never come back to the ones I’ve played.

The only reason the Roblox Staff responded was because it was Cindering, and even for him, it took twice to be realized. I know the Roblox Staff is working hard and all, but it’s kind of sad. 4 Years later and people are still having this problem.

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Looks like the bug has been fixed, however Roblox Staff forgot to respond.
I tried testing if this still was a bug but it isn’t a bug no more!


I don’t know about it being resolved. I have a place that is set to “Friend’s only” as well as my profile setting only allowing friends to follow me in-game. While I was testing a place that is on private a few moments ago, some random person followed me in-game. I have no idea how.