"Follows" are not loading

Reproduction Steps
Go to our profile (Preferences) then click on “Follows” , you will see that the “Feed” are not loading

Expected Behavior
That feed is loading correctly on “Follows”

Actual Behavior
Feed on “Follows” are not loading

Can’t reproduce, it looks like I am able to access the Follows when I view the page from your account perspective.

This bug report lacks details at the moment – we’ll take another look if you are able to find more precise repro steps!


Sorry for the lacks of details but the “feed” is not loading at all but “following” is loading perfectly fine

If this help a little bit (on mobile)

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@Hooksmith pinging you since I didn’t get any news and I did redo my bug report

Seems to work fine here

I’ve waiting for around ~30s and everything loaded but it’s way too slow