Food update on Blucks simulator


  • 3 good pickaxes to eat! + A free pickaxe that is in the gamepass “legendary pickaxe” ( its pickaxes are breakable only for the blocks of the food world)
  • hmmm 3 areas of the world of apple, banana and pear foods


  • the “bux area” logo has been changed to Bux member


  • not bug !

BUX groups 2019

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Hi! I believe your topic is in the wrong category.

It’s currently in “Categorie en Français” which is used for topics written in French. A general update for your game should really belong in Bulletin Board. You can read more information about the Bulletin Board here. :slight_smile:

There’s no need to delete and rewrite the post – you can simply change its category by:

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Thanks for reading and before posting next time you should read information about each of the categories to see where your topic fits best! :smiley:


ah thank you sorry, it’s because the French category I use it all the time so I’m going to change, I didn’t see thank you ^^


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