Food weapon Ideas

So I plan on adding more food weapons to a game of mines called “Food Fight”, but I don’t have a lot of ideas. I’m going for a combination of a weapon and food.
Example: Grenade + Egg = Grenegg, a Grenade in the shape and style of a egg.
Any suggestions?


Pizza ROLLS TOTINOS launcher maybe

A glove that shoots pies, a gun that shoot’s syrup, a cannon that launches apples, oranges, all the round fruits. A french fry sword, watermelon launcher, burrito torpedo, miso soup gun. Cake launcher, waffle launcher.

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PeanutLauncher is the only thing i could think of

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THE BACONATOR Bacon + Raygun = baconator

lol what a name for a gun

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Woah. A friend of mine and I actually discussed a game with food weapon mechanics as well!

One idea we had is that you can use a loaf of bread like a semi-auto firearm and fire slices of bread until you run out. Boxes of cereal or spaghetti were shotguns, spewing out a handful of food product with each shot. Basically our concept was that anything with a hole or opening in the container was capable of shooting projectiles.

Hope this helped!

Just launch corn outta a sack-like weapon and make the player hold it like a minigun

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You need a bomb+potato combo. Hot potato.

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potato launcher 10/10 weapon idea

Make it a hot potato launcher :brain: :bulb:

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Forget desert eagle, introducing

DESSERT EAGLE Annhialate your enemies with a sludge of cake on their face!


Corn Gun:
Shoots a spray of corn kernels

Lemon Launcher:
Shoots a lemon blast that deals minimal damage and blinds the target for a short duration

Roll Rifle:
Assault rifle based weapon that shoots a steady stream of rolls

Ice Cream Cannon:
Shoots large scoops of ice cream, tank style weapon

Bottle Rocket:
While I know that this is less about food, this could give a boost and allow you to escape a battle

Baguette Bat:
Serves as a melee weapon

Those were some of the better ideas I came up with, hope this helped :smile: