Foodie Cafe Rules

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Foodie Cafe’s Rules! Thank you for reading this, even if you aren’t in the group! Let’s get into the rules.

Rule I - No being disrespectful to customers, or your co-workers. If you’re caught, you will be warned, if you continue, you’ll be demoted.

Rule II - No impersonating anyone, no matter who it is, just don’t impersonate anyone. You’ll be blacklisted from the cafe if you do.

Rule III - Don’t act as if you’re better then everyone else, no matter what role you are, you’re not better then anyone else with you. If you’re caught, you’ll be warned, then kicked, if you continue, demoted.

Rule IIII - Don’t be toxic if you get demoted, otherwise you’ll be blacklisted from the cafe on your account.

Rule V - Don’t lie about anything, if you’re caught, you’ll be blacklisted from the cafe, so don’t do it, depending on how bad the lie is, are your consequences.

Thank you for reading, before we leave, I’d like to say that if you’re an LR, you don’t have to use grammar, you just have to make sense, alright? Thank you. -Presidential Team