Foodie Cafe's Interview Guide

Greetings! Welcome to Foodie Cafe’s Interview Guide! This is for my Staff Assistant+, please do not copy, or use this unless an MR+ in Foodie’s Cafe! If you’re a LR, then you may read this just for fun, but you may not use it!

**Host/Co-Host Guide**
When there is five minutes left before the interview starts, say: Anyone who chats, not using PTS will be kicked from the game. (Use the SM command).
All points from now is when the session starts, do not use these before the session, please.

Host  - ;SM PTS will now be denied, as the session will be starting soon.

Host - ;SM Salutations! I'm (Username), and I'm going to be your host for the (Session time)!

Co-Host - ;SM Greetings, I'm (Username) and I will be your co-host for the (Session time)!

Host - ;SM Before we begin, I'd like to go over some rules!

Host - ;SM {Rule 1} Don't be disrespectful to your interviewers, as they've take time out of their day to interview you.

Host - ;SM {Rule 2} Please don't speak in another language, as we most likely won't understand it. I hope you understand if you want to speak another language in this session!

Host - ;SM {Rule 3} If you're disconnected, or left the session with no message, then you will have approximately a minute to join back. No more, if you're gone for more then a minute, then you cannot get back in.

Host - {Rule 4} All customers are too get atleast eight/ten questions right, if not, you fail.

Host - {Rule 5} Do not say any 18+ phrases, inappropriate phrases, etc. This is for kids that want to work at a cafe, so don't say any of that. If so, you'll be demoted/exiled from the group, and blacklisted.

Host - The rules have concluded! Interviewers now will teleport their interviewees momentarily.
Hosts may only do this at the end of the session.

Host - ;SM The session has concluded! All staff, dismissed!

Host - ;shutdown

**Interviewer Guide**

Interviewer - Greetings, I'm (Username), and I'm going to be your interviewer for this interview session!

Interviewer - Before we begin, I'd like to go over some rules:

Interviewer - {Rule 1} Don't troll in your answers, it will get you kicked from the session.

Interviewer - {Rule 2} Don't exploit, hack, etc, in this session. It will get you perm banned from all group games, and exiled from the group!

Interviewer - Before we begin, I'd like to say you don't have to use grammar, so please don't fret about it that much.

Interviewer - Do you have any questions? I expect a yes or no from all of you.
**If they don't have a question**

Interviewer - Great! We'll now begin the interview, please know that this will come in PMs, so don't type it out loud in the chat.

Interviewer - ;PM (Username) {Question 1} Why do you want to work at Foodie Cafe?

Interviewer - ;PM (Username) {Question 2} Have you ever been experienced a job like this? If so, where?

Interviewer - ;PM (Username) {Question 3} What do trainees do?

Interviewer - ;PM (Username} {Question 4} How do you rate your activeness from a scale from 1-10?

Interviewer - ;PM (Username) {Question 5} Do you have safechat?

Interviewer - ;PM (Username) {Question 6} What will you bring to the community to HELP us?

Interviewer - ;PM (Username) {Question 7} Do you understand that if you troll, you'll be kicked from the session?

Interviewer - ;PM (Username) {Question 8} Do you understand that to get promoted to MR+, you must be atleast 13+?

Interviewer - ;PM (Username) {Question 9} If there is a troller/exploiter, etc, will you report them? No matter your rank?

Interviewer - ;PM (Username) {Question 10} Do you promise, that if you fail, that you won't fret, throw a tantrum, etc? 

Interviewer - I will now be reviewing your answers, momentarily, I'll give you your results!

**If they pass**
Interviewer - Congratulations, you've passed this session! I will now bring you to be ranked, stay here.

**If they fail**
Interviewer - Sadly, you've failed due to {Reason}, try again next time!

 Interviewer - ;kick {Username}

Thank you for reading! 

-Foodforlife2047, Owner