Foodie Cafe's Rank Guide

Hello, welcome to Foodie Cafe’s Rank Guide! 207582CC-A761-4084-ABE3-BA0D773551D3 (2)
:tada: “Eating the sweet Foodies!” :tada:
Today you’ll be learning about the ranks and what they’re about! Go ahead, you may read them!

                                                              **Guest:** (G)
 Guests in our group are people that haven't joined our group, they may be new to the cafe, they may be trollers, exploiters, who knows? Guests make our community bigger, and they're the most honored. 
                                                            **Customer** (C)

Customers are people that’ve joined the group, that either are new to the group, or just choose not to rank up. They choose their path, to become a staff here, or just stay a customer! They’re also a big help to the community and we appreciate them, too!

                                                            **Trainee** (T)

Trainee’s have went to the application center, and passed! They’ll have to attend a training to rank up, though. But they may order food like the customers, and guests while waiting for a training!

                                                         **Junior Barista - Senior Barista**(JB, EB, SB)

A Junior Barista has attended their first training and passed! Now they’re able to work behind the counters. Same thing with the Experienced Barista, and Senior Barista, but they have passed more trainings. (Experienced Baristas have to be a Junior Barista and pass training, Senior Baristas have to be an Experienced Barista and pass training)

                                                          **Staff Assistant**(SA)

You can obtain Staff Assistant by being a hardworking, active, staff member. It’s easy to be noticed if you shift alot and see the same MR+ everyday! To become an MR, you have to be working here for atleast a week, which won’t happen alot. It’s recommended to have dizzy, and have no safechat, but you don’t have to. It’s just recommended. You also can supervise trainings now!

                                                        **Assistant Supervisors**(AS) 

Assistant Supervisor’s are obtained by being active, and working for atleast a month at the cafe, still being active. You also have to supervise 13 trainings. You may now shadow and supervise in trainings now, not yet train, co-host, or host, but you may shadow and supervise.

                                                       **Supervising Team** (ST)

The Supervising Team is obtained by working for atleast two months, shadowing 3 trainings, and supervising 6 trainings. You may now train Trainees, Junior Baristas, and Experienced Baristas. You may not co-host or host yet, unless allowed by an SHR+.

                                                     **Assistant Manager** (AM)

You may become an Assistant Manager by working for atleast two months and 3 weeks, shadowing 2 trainings, and training in 5 trainings. You now will be able to co-host trainings, yet not host. Unless short on Manager+

                                                            **Manager** (M)

The Manager role is obtained by working for atleast three months, training in 8 trainings, and co-hosting 2 trainings. You’re now able to host trainings, congratulations! You’re not able to promote people yet, but you may call a Head Manager+ to promote.

                                                     **Head Manager** (HM)

You can obtain Head Manager by hosting 3 trainings, co-hosting 1 training, working for atleast 4 months, and being active and respectful. You can promote people if you get this rank, as this is the first HR rank.
Human Resource Officer (HRO)
You can get this role by hosting 7 trainings, co-hosting 10 trainings, working for atleast 6 months, and being active. You’re able to manage the promotions, and allow people to be promoted. A Head Manager+ must contact the Human Resource Officer leader, and ask if they can promote someone to an MR+ rank.
Public Relation’s Officer (PRO)
You may get this role by hosting 7 trainings, co-hosting 10 trainings, working for atleast 6 months, and being active. If you’re chosen for this job, you manage alliances and enemies, aswell as promotions, but you must ask the Human Resource’s Officer leader.

                                                    **Community Manager** (CM)

The Community Manager, aka robodragons19 also manages alliances and enemies, yet he also suggest ideas for the developers, aka Vice President+. He’s been promoted to this rank since he’s very active on roblox, and he’s a good friend of mine.

                                                        **Vice President** (VP)

Our Vice President, also known as xxcurtis1208 is an assistant to the President, and also helps the President alot, with work they do. They’re companions, so I’ve chosen them to work together.

                                                              **President** (P)

Our President, also known karina_Queen13, is a hardworking person, and she spends time with her Vice President, also known as her assistant, she works with her at the cafe, and alot more.

                                                       **Vice Chairwoman** (VC)

Where do I start… You’ve been with me for almost my whole life! This is why I’ve made you Vice Chairwoman, starlight_twinkles. You’ve always been there for me and I trust you, alot!

                                                         **Chairwoman** (CW)

I remember when I first made this group, a month ago, I presume? Yet it still has more to come, I really like this group, and I wouldn’t like leaving it. I wish all of you the best! <3