Footplant inverse kinematics? [help please!]

I’ve been planning on revamping the parkour system i previously made and my first challenge is walking movement. (heres a little showcase of my old parkour): all parkour courses (showcase) - YouTube

the rig type im using is R6

sorry if this is a dumb question but the first problem i have is how do leg positions work?, i did a little test where i moved my characters leg 5 studs out and it looks like im standing in mid air.


you can see its like the legs shown on your character are more for visual effect rather than a physical one. so then WHAT controls the physicality of this??? how would i make my character move its leg somewhere that it would affect physically where i stand? what controls that? i cant figure it out. I thought that moving my legs out would make my character fall down on its torso and the legs stick out like this.

its like INVISIBLE LEGS. what are these invisible legs? how do i control them? is this what im supposed to use when doing IK? do i do to the invisible legs that control where my character stands? or the green legs that dont affect where i physically stand and that are only for show?

but apparently that’s not how it works cause you can see my character floating on its torso in the image

I’m trying to learn about IK and making everything from scratch.

Working on Inverse Kinematics is pretty big task even for Unity developers (And they basically have almost everything done by Unity alone and other assets).

Roblox is not very good engine for these purposes, since their position system and kinda bad, and I feel like animations will override your body transform, unless there is an event which are invoked everytime animation frame is finished, then you could do some IK calculations. But I’m pretty sure you’re gonna have hard time doing so.

I’ve seen IK on roblox and its pretty good. in my opinion good enough for me that I’m attempting to do it now.

im wondering though. does the physicality of my character matter or do all i have to do is make it look like that its visually doing IK? because moving the characters legs mid air or somewhere, it seems like it my chracter has invisble legs that control where it stands. and im not sure if that matters with IK.

i made an animation where my legs go up and stay there. this is what happens, im floating mid air and my body doesnt fall down touching the ground. so what are these “invisible” legs that make me float mid air? is this what im supossed to control to do IK? do i apply IK to the invisible legs?


I’m doing more digging and i found that people use attachments and hingeconstraints. what evne is this? how do you even know that–that’s what you’re supossed to use? theres nothing on the internet about this. so do i have to control something physical about where my character is while it makes it do the IK? or is IK just a visual thing that doesnt affect anything physical? i dont get it and theres nothing on a google search.

attempting this is almost nearly impossible to do from scratch. its like a barrier in my way that i can’t get past, i cant progress. i legit thought i did something special making my own projectile system from scratch and parkour but i take that back. that’s nothing compared to trying to do this. how good can you get at coding? i want to progress but i dont know what im supossed to be messing around with, and i cant find what it is im supossed to be messing around with. this information is golden treasure that i cant find.

The character is floating because of the Humanoid’s HipHeight.