Footsteps only playing when you look down

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So the footsteps would be heard while looking not down

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    I tried to make custom footsteps but the footsteps are only playing while you look down,if you look in like the middle then the footsteps wont be heard,is there any way i can make them play while not looking down?

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I tried looking on dev hub but i wasnt able to find any solutions

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I have no idea if this is the right category,im sorry if it’s not
Would really appreciate any suggestions or stuff like that

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Is there a video of this…? I get the idea but we need more to the equation to be able to further assist.

For some reason when i recorded it the footsteps were normal

Have you perhaps… tested it inside of an actual game instance?

I tried it,the footsteps were still only playing when i looked down,i think its my headphones,thank you for help,do i like delete the question or?

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