For a first GUI, is this good?

Today, I made this GUI:
(the GUI is fully scripted by the way)

Is it good, aka, is there anything I should change?


With the text, ‘play’, you could enable ‘TextScaled’ to make it more visible
It is at the bottom


Ah yes, I shall do this soon. I totally forgot about it.

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Well, i just made a GUI and was my first one, i just uploaded and got alot of hate for it. I don’t want that you get the same hate or you become one of those guys.

I like your button, looks nice but i want to point out that the text have an offset… and if you could make the text bigger and more dark. Well, in summary i like your gui. Have a nice day :+1:


It isn’t good or bad, because there isn’t much to judge, so the only issues someone could really say is that the text isn’t centered correctly

Although if it’s the first GUI you’ve made and the first GUI you’ve scripted I’d say that is pretty good for your first time, because scripting your GUI adds a whole other level of depth

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The only issue is the “Play” text, at the moment it’s not centered to the middle of the GUI, which annoys me a bit cause of my OCD. But anyways, there isn’t that much to change. Could you also make a gif to show us all the GUI in action?

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Yeah I agree with most everyone but here are my thoughts.

  • Text needs to be centered
  • Color of the text maybe should be white and larger and maybe bolded

Could you link somewhere, where we can see the scripted part cause maybe we could help with like the click effect, pop up, etc.

Change the black font to white {255,255,255} color.

Well there isn’t much to judge but I would move the button to the center of the screen

This looks pretty okay for a beginner, but I recommend you using this plugin:
This plugin is great for beginners, try experimenting with it! :smiley:

Not great not terrible.
1st. Center the text please. Everyone will hate your UI because of this little mistake

2nd put text scaled on.

Good luck!

Too simple, this is basically just an imagebutton with a textlabel inside it. I can’t really judge the UI but I can give you some tips.

  1. Center it, please
    It looks so weird when looking at that button, you should center it.
  2. Too close!
    Your button is too close to the top, mind making it further from the top.
  3. Style mismatch
    The font in your picture seems mismatched with the button, SourceSans or Gotham seems better.
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