[FOR HIRE] 3+ Years Experience | Sound Designer For Hire

Hello there! I’m a 19 year old experienced music producer as well as sound designer. I have been making music for around 4 years and have been practicing sound design for around 3 years. I attended Berklee College of Music and got a Professional Certificate in Game Audio Design and Production (view here), and I’m excited to work on some fun games! My DAW of choice is FL Studio 20, and I use Zoom handheld recorders for Foley recording.

Previous games I have worked on:

You can view my full sound design and sound implementation portfolio here: Adobe Portfolio | Build your own personalized website

  • Each sound is made new for each project and I do not recycle previously created SFX for other projects. I field record most samples used in my SFX with the resources that I have around me. Fully paid and licensed raw sound recordings from premium sound libraries may also be utilized in the creation of more exotic & complex SFX as a layer or additional stylistic flair.

I am available to work up to 10 hours on most weekends and 4-6 hours on weekdays depending on my irl work scheduling/stats/holidays.

SFX | Per Sound | $12 or 3,429 Robux

*SFX Includes Ambience Loops, One Shots, Scatter SFX, Stingers, and Foley. Pricing subject to change depending on complexity.