[FOR HIRE] - Advanced Scripter - Healvings

Hi there! I am offering my services as a scripter. I’ve been scripting on ROBLOX for 3 years now but I’ve been doing it a lot more since March. I am a 13 year old African American who still has a lot to learn when it comes to developing but I am indeed, experienced. I also do, building and UIs. (Don’t expect them to be 100% spot on.)

Things I can script

If this is nothing you want, leave a reply and tell me what it is.

I am available from 10:00 PM - 7:00 PM CST all week.

Starting the 17th this will change to 3:50 PM - 10:00 PM on Fri. - Sun.

1 Script - 10 Robux

Full Scripted Game - 200 Robux

(Anything extra such as a build or a UI will be 30 Robux)

Contact me only here on the DevForum or contact my Gmail: alexanderchase57@gmail.com

I do not do Discord anymore as I deleted it a while back due to many reasons.

I am not going to be a full time scripter for your game, keep that in mind.

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:


Hey , are you still open , and if you are im making a game like adopt me / meepcity and you need to make money and can buy items - message me for more info!

Are you able to make a pet system? [With trading, egg opening, and pets]

yo, i would like to hire you, got Twitter or something?

I would like to hire you to work on a game where we’d need an egg tweened to break open and then a pet is inside that they can then walk around with and have in their inventory, let me know if you’re interested through roblox PM or respond here or add me on roblox :slight_smile: Thank you

Hello, I am interested in your services.