(For-Hire) Builder And Scripter

About me

Hello and welcome to my building and scripting portfolio hope it’s easy to read and understand and if you do commission me I hope we have a good understanding of each other
I’m a scripter and builder I build more than I script but I can definitely script for you

You can view my assets here: Showcase (Roblox Builds) - Roblox

Farm set


Desert Bridge

I am available for six to eight hours every day. You can contact me at any time, but I will take some time off when I feel like it

Prices are negotiable, I accept per asset pay and asset can be ranging from 1-20 building coins, etc. My preferred payment method is [Robux through group funds but a shirt or game pass is fine].

You can contact me here on the Developer Forum or via discord:

Thanks for reading!


Just a helpful tip, the headers you have, maybe make them the same colour scheme, and if not then make them readable for example the Availability it’s really hard to read, and also spelt wrong. Also maybe putting your examples into a drop down, called Showcase Images, or something along those lines, or just by category, like farm, bridge etc. This will help make your portfolio look a lot cleaner and more easier to navigate. Thank you, hope you take this into consideration. Great work, good luck!

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I’ll keep that in mind how do I make a drop down image?

Hi contact me, Donzee Boi#1000.

Images here

Get rid of the -

I’ll edit my post in a minute thank you

Could you send me a request kinda busy right now

Thats why I asked

UnknownDevWasTaken#6969 that is it