[FOR-HIRE] Clothing Designer

About Me!

Hello, My name is Skeleton. Many people call me Jayden. I am a clothing designer and GFX Artist. I have been designing clothing for about a few months now. I love making graphic art!
I am currently 15 years old.


Here some of my most recent creations so far!

And this one


My most preferred payment is ROBUX each asset is worth the price (Example: 2 shirts = 100 robux)
Complex Shirt = 150 ROBUX or 26%
Simple shirt = 50 ROBUX or 14%
Complex Pants = 100 ROBUX or 10%
Simple Pants = 50 ROBUX or 5%
Bundle(Shirt and Pants) = 200 ROBUX or 30%
Deluxe Bundle(Complex Clothes) = 1k Robux or 27%

Available Time

On weekdays Around 2-3 hours
On Weekends around 3-5 hours

Contact Us

You can contact me here!

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:


Hey! I am interested in your services! Add me on discord: GabaGiggle#7568

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Hello! Im sorry I do NOT have discord due to the fact that discord shut down my account :confused:

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Can we talk on here?..

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yo can u make me some merch? PM me your username! https://www.roblox.com/groups/6622384/Heat-Waves-Studios#!/about

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I’m interested. Do you have a twitter perhaps? Devforum replies aren’t the most efficient.

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I swear I’ve seen these copied 200 times.


Hey, Im currently interested contact me here: joshy#1010

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People can steal those templates…

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I recommend putting that clothing on character displays! Someone could easily steal the template.

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