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About Me

Hey, I am GroupAdminister.
I am a Terrain Designer and a Builder that focusses on detailing to the fullest extent.
All my work is done to the fullest quality to what fits your style.



Image from Gyazo
Image from Gyazo


My builds to the extent of detailing will be around 5k-10k on small projects.
Bigger builds on detailing will be above 15k-25k.
These are the cheapest prices you can find from a professional builder on roblox.
I do accomplish my tasks for my clients very quickly!


You can contact me on discord! My discord is; MegaShot#4683

All negotiation and pays are recorded! Don’t even try to be smooth and snatch my work without paying.

I am gathering the funds from my work to transfer it to USD’s for my collage. This helps me a lot, going through tough times this year.


This is untrue, I do like your building though!

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Its very for ur work
u need to make it like 500 robux small projects and 5k log term I think

It is not up to you to decide how much their service should cost. They priced theirs as what they see fit.

i just recomend i say that for error
sorry if you smelled

I will have to rephrase that to “Its the cheapest I can go to pay for my collage.”

I will never go that cheap, its that much so I can reach the amount to transfer it to USD’s to pay for my collage.

Are you still for Hire Because my game CSCRP Is having trouble and we need a map to upgrade for a Revamp? Can you maybe help are community?

Yeah, That was just a little suspicious how you said it was the cheapest for people on your level, Lol its okay, I understand you. I personally charge very low because I dont have a gathering for all my builds so people might not think I am skilled enough.

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yea i sell mine for like 2.5k…

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