[FOR HIRE] Experienced Builder & Clothing Designer

About me:

Hello there, I’m Thunderinq. I am a builder, and clothing designer on this gaming platform we call ROBLOX. I love to create people’s visions for them, hence why I do what I do on this game. I am a outgoing, hardworking, and dedicated person when it comes to my projects! I can build mostly anything, despite sci-fi games, and games similar to Star Wars.


On most weeks, I am available 7 days a week. However, not for an entire day. I consider myself to be very flexible when it comes to due dates, whether they be close or further away from the date of the beginning of the build.

Past work:




I love to be flexible, and give my clients the best price I can. All prices are negociatable, and will be given once the build and or clothing description is handed to me.

Contact Information:

The best way to contact me is through Discord, at Thunder#6311. You can also respond on this DevForum post, or even message me on ROBLOX at Thunderinq.