[FOR HIRE] Experienced Terrain Builder

About Me:

Hello there, I am an experienced REALISTIC terrain builder. I started terrain builds around 2019 and I have been increasing my quality since then.

I dont have many examples of work currently, but I can fetch more if you are interested in hiring.



Payment varies to the amount of work requested. It can easily vary, but here are some baselines.

10k ROBUX - Small Terrain Map
20k ROBUX - Medium Terrain Map
30k ROBUX - Large Terrain Map
55k ROBUX - Insane Sized Map

These may seem high, but are easily haggleable when you talk to me in DMS.
DISCLAIMER: I may add/change lighting effects to fit terrain. However, I will always ask permission first.

Contact: Kaiyo#0003 on discord.


Hey, I can’t add you on discord for some reason, can you add me?
My username is Draco#9520

Hope to hear from you soon!

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Dont know why you couldn’t DM me, but I sent a request! :smiley:

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Having the same problem with adding you.

Hm… try adding kaiyo#0003 (lowercase version). That may be it