[FOR HIRE] Funic31's GFX Portfolio

Hello! I’m funic31 and I’m a gfx artist! I’ve been working on graphics for over a year and have improved a lot! I can do many different styles of gfx such as cinematic, simulator, and many others!

You can find my work over at my twitter: https://twitter.com/funic31

My timezone is GMT+2 and am available most of the day so feel free to contact me and I will most likely answer!

My prices are negotiable and the prices are:
Thumbnails: 3000+ Robux
Game Icons: 1500+ Robux
Ads: 1500+ Robux
Feel free to give me a tip if you want to.
All prices will be payed + taxes

You can contact me here on the Developer Forum or via Discord by adding me . My Tag is funic31 on Discord

Thank you so much for viewing my portfolio I am looking forward to working with someone and will be waiting for some orders to come in!


Great experience working with funic. Fast, great result and good chat! I recommend them a lot.


Thank you! It was great working with you too!