[FOR HIRE] FXdan Builder

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For Hire, Builder

Hello! I am FXdan, and I have been working on my building skills for the past 2-3
years. I have alot of experience in things such as terrain, homes, some meshing, and more. I am looking to get hired for small projects(not long term please). I am best with doing low poly terrain meshes/studio, and creating various different houses/buildings, meaning I can create various maps for you and all of that. I also do some modeling as well, but nothing like swords. I would rather have just jobs that take only a few hours, as I can’t go on my computer during the weekdays as I have no time. Here is my portfolio if you would like to see some of my work, and dm me on Discord at monkaS#6969 if you would like to talk about a job. Thank you and have a good day!

MY DISCORD: monkaS#6969


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