[For Hire] GFX Artist For Hire!

Hello! I am a GFX Creator Looking For A Development Team Or, Just To Be Hired! I Do Not Have Much To Say About This Since I Have Made An Advert, But If Your Interested, Please Reply To This With Your Discord! Thank you!


Ya don’t seem to be having basic understanding about the gfx market chief. educate yourself first on editing on general and a bit of English practicing plus you need to see how people usually work and take that as the starting point. and also, try to make sure you’re ready first.


I Kinda put my first gfx in the advert-

@BlowingWillows Can I hire you someday? I’m looking for a couple of café/resort logos, can I maybe buy that from you in the future? I need some gamepass logos (100 robux each) And a thumbnail (400 robux) And I might add extra if I think it is good! I’ll pm you soon when I get more robux. BTW how do you want to do the payment. I have no group funds so maybe in Dev products? You’re really good by the way.

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Alright, I Can do funds ect. Tell me whenever you are interested or you get robux.

Why are you charging an extra 50 ROBUX to not include a watermark? Almost none of the GFX devs I’ve used or seen on the Forum charge a fee to remove a watermark.


I can do Funds. And I forgot to put gamepass icons in the advertizement, but those are 50!

Because first off, its 250 for a basic/standard gfx. And its 300 for an ADVANCED Gfx with no watermark.

Can you give me some of your projects. I might hire you if I see more of your previous work

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Could you check out my newest game (the game with the whale in a ball. How much robux u want for making a square thumbnail for that game?

Ita a bit different from what u normally do
Because I need the whale model in it. Hope to hear from you.

How much could you pay??? (Lots of questions marks to stop it from saying that there have to be the warning .o.)

Hello, I am interested in your work and would like to hire you! Please dm me on discord at Lvcid#6889 so we chat about specifics or we can talk here on the DevForum. However, I prefer discord. Thank you!

Alright sir! Im adding you now.