Hey there, my names jvCalamity! I’ve been involved in Graphic Designing for a little over a year now! My specialty is more towards Icons/Logos, & Thumbnails. I rarely do advertisements but if that’s something you need I can handle that for sure! I use Blender and Photoshop to make all my GFX’s.

The lines are only there as a watermark.


Terms Of Service

  1. Please no rushing, I’ll keep working on the GFX till it’s 100% ready to go.
  2. Please no asking for free GFX’s, I’ll just instantly block you so no point of trying.
  3. Once I’ve started working, you cannot cancel the order.

Robux (Please pay with group funds if possible)
Thumbnails: 1500- 2500 Robux |
Game/Group Icons: 500-1500
Profile Picture: 350

If you believe the prices are too high, I’m willing to negotiate to go lower so don’t worry. Just depends what you’re asking for and how detailed the GFX is, etc.

You can easily contact me through Discord! That’s the only way I’m willing to communicate at the moment so if you don’t have Discord then apologies.

Discord: Xerargo#0469

Thank you for reading!