FOR HIRE - GFX - Awperinio

I am looking for short term commissions. I work as a GFX Artist and specialize in vector art and banners/icons. I have been working as a GFX for 2 years for a vast majority of people, including: twitch streamers, roblox league owners, game development studios (Frostbyte, Bloxsquad) as well as individual people. I can speak fluent English and Romanian and can understand a bit of French.






Rob309 - Twitch Streamer/Modeler
DankDanko - Twitch Streamer
GoldKing2 - Twitch Streamer
FrostByte Development Studio
Philippines 2021

Prices are negotiable and depend on the amount of detail and the amount of time poured into them. As a payment method, I prefer using Paypal.

You can contact me on the Development Forum or via Discord:


Vlad is a great logo designer who seeks to be better in his expertise - constantly driving himself to be better at what he does.

He got my logo done in a day and iā€™m really happy with its turnout. His prices are also reasonable and I even gave him an extra tip to go with the payment.

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Good GFX, also a nice guy I recommend.

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