[FOR HIRE] Logo, Thumbnail Artist (2D)

About Me

Hi there! I am offering my services as a Logo Maker or Thumbnail maker (2d). I am actually a UI ARTIST but I can make Logos and Thumbnails too. You can view my work :arrow_down:


Here are some screenshots of my work


I am available for six to eight hours of work on the weekends. You can contact me at any time, but I am unable to work during the week due to school.


Prices are negotiable, I accept per picture. My preferred payment method is :robux_gold:


You can contact me on Discord! (ProGamerResul5566#9513)

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:


Don’t forget. You can contact me on discord. But if you would like you can contact me with devforum services.

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I would recommend not taking roblox gift cards, because there is a method to get your account deleted. They give you the code then they message support with the code saying so-and-so stole my code and they delete your account.

ohh ok thank you very much. (30 char)

No problem! My friend had this happen to him, apparently it is fraud, so yeah he got his account deleted and couldn’t get it back so he had to restart im not sure what his user is right now we lost contact after I went inactive on roblox, im back now

I sent you a friend request on Discord!

I added you im :sparkles:Just Jenna#1787