[FOR HIRE] Professional User Interface (UI) Designer

About Me UI
Hello! I am Lev, a UI Designer growing up in New York City. I have been using Adobe programs for 5 years now, and I have recently chosen to create UI’s using XD. I mostly know for my ongoing contribution to Solera Hotels & Resorts as a Co-Founder, as well as a UI Designer.

Projects UI
Solera Hotels & Resorts [310k+]
→ Web Design
→ Private Commissions

Examples UI
All UI is made in Adobe XD with some editing in Adobe Photoshop

Here are some examples of my style and work.

Pricing & Info UI

My offers have to be over the price of 10k, I usually DevEx my payments for investments and such. My time is valuable as well, as a page usually takes about 40 - 60 minutes per section due to the detail and aspect of my UI’s. I prefer my payments to be half and half as I do not wish to waste my time as I find my time is valuable. You must also prove/provide evidence that you CAN afford it. Offers such as percentages of what the game makes etc will not be accepted.

Here is my Price Sheet:

PayPal Is Accepted but price (in USD) depends on the project.

UIs are created using Adobe XD and other Adobe programs, I do not create them in ROBLOX Studio, or such programs.

Contact Me UI
You may contact me with questions about pricing, development opportunities & more on the following…

Discord: lev#0001
Roblox: Lxevz
Twitter: @itislev


Hello, there! :wave: I’m Zackary, and I am a well known UI Designer on the platform. I have been working with Lev since June, and I can tell you I have never regretted working with him till this day. Lev is an amazing UI Designer and personal friend and you would be missing out if you did not hire him.

Working with Lev has been a wild adventure and one of the best experiences I have had. We built a friendship, and trusted each other, and he would always follow the expectation date even when he had other commissions. He does still work for me long term, and I am thankful for having his assistance.

I do not regret hiring Lev at ALL.

As a personal friend, and employer of Lev, I would like to thank him for maintaining our friendship, and for all his hard work at ENLITE Resort.


I will vouch for Lev, he is a wonderful person to work with and a wonderful friend and developer. His work is very good and he gets your UI done as fast as possible when you want it, and very professional.

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If you are looking for someone to do your job fast and with ease, I highly recommend choosing Lev for your job. He is extremely talented with what he does, and all around very easy to communicate and negotiate with. If that is the type of person you need, Lev is the place to go.

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I can fully vouch for Lxevz UI Design. Very reliable and very effective his work stands out from the crowd and it’s sure to give your game more attention and attraction it deserves. Has the Founder of Solera Hotels & Resorts he did some amazing work for us and he has some amazing prices. He is very much worth it.


Your work is absolutely gorgeous!

Thank you, that means a lot! I try my best! :slightly_smiling_face:


Very nice art indeed. Wish I was as good as him to earn big robux easily but hey, earning it is still an accomplishment.

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Hey Lxevz!! Long time no see even tho you probably dont remember me. Anyway hope all is well. I was wondering if your still for hire? I’m assuming you are but I’ll send you a message here. Thanks!