[For Hire] Programmer

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Note: My portfolio is very outdated and I’m in the process of rewriting it.

About Me

I’m a self-taught programmer and I’ve been developing for around 4 years. I have a very good understanding of Lua and the Roblox Lua API as well as many common game development concepts, I also have experience with web development (typescript, node.js, php, mongodb, sql, etc) and moderate UI design.


β€’ Extensive knowledge pertaining to Lua scripting (including Lua C) and multi-platform Roblox game development.
β€’ Extensive knowledge pertaining to general web development including the Discord API.
β€’ Ability to write secure systems that aren’t easily exploitable.
β€’ Ability to moderately design UIs and similar assets.
β€’ Ability to work with teams and adapt to a diverse workflow.


Most of my code is proprietary but I can show you code snippets via Discord in private.

Guns for Star Wars group

Imgur: The magic of the Internet

Guns for military group


Scrapped Simulator Project


Star Wars: Coruscant Underworld

Star Wars: Coruscant Underworld - Roblox

Tycoon Assets (Tutorial, Crate/Lootbox)

Tycoon - Roblox

Minimalistic Main Menu UI Design


Private; contact me for more information.

Group Management Bot w/ MongoDB Database


I have more up to date work available to show upon request via Discord.


I’m usually available to work daily for a hours (around 3-6) a day but I don’t have a set schedule, I usually just work when I can.


Rates are completely dependent upon the project/commission; send me project details for appraisal.

Payment Methods

β€’ USD
β€’ Robux
β€’ Crypto (BTC, ETH)

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I’ve worked with @metryy in the past on quite a few projects, and honestly he’s a pleasure to work with. He’s a skilled scripter who gets quality work out in a timely manner and is quick to fix bugs should any arise without any fuss. Great hire for solo projects or team-based efforts which require some patience and professionalism.


Your work is amazing! I will definitely be contacting you soon. Keep it up.


I have worked with metry in the past and he’s a pretty nice person, working with him was a lot of fun and he’s really skilled and competent.
He does his work and delivers it on the right time and always stays professional when working,
I’ve also seen his scripts and they’re all decent and meet my expectations also easy to read and understand. :sunglasses:


user is chill, worked with me on a team project :slight_smile:


I am HYDRA from Mist Studios.
I would like to hire you for a game like bloxburg.
Contact me on my discord:


Sent you a friend request on Discord.

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So you do do long term like scripting a game from start to finish


Solid programmer that I’ve known for a while. I strongly recommend for commissions. :slight_smile:


awesome skill of the (Lua-C) web development


Hey, sent you a friend request!

Sent a friend request!
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Sent a friend request!..

Greetings, I am JaymarThePG or Jay for short, me and my dev team are currently in need of an ADVANCED scripter with experience scripting the following:

-Advanced Gun System

-NPC’s -Shop system
-Skins System
-Crate opening system-
-VIP System
-Much More

I have listed the basic needs above on what is required for us to hire you in our development.

If you are not capable of scripting everything listed, please let me know what you can or desire to specifically script thanks.

I also added you on discord at JaymarThePG#9999


Added! Looking forward to working with you!

Added u under the user Sadonk#6208

I have sent you a friend request under the tag of wow#8009.

Hello are you still looking for work, if so here is a link:
I also sent you a discord request, ROWG_Leader#3822

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Goodluck in finding some scripters!

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Very interested, strangertingz#1777

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