[FOR HIRE] [SEASONAL] Hiring Developer(s)

Ro-Quatica Parks Development Team 2021
Do you have an interest in summer fun and happy holiday in the park? Ro-Quatica Parks is a new corporation, designed to give our guests the best aquatic-attraction experience possible, with realism and team-oriented operations. The park is expected to be a team-member oriented led park, where operations are controlled by team-members and assisted by our department and park leadership teams.

Hiring Employment Status

  • Part Time
  • Full Time
  • Part Time (Seasonal)

Operating Procedures
Based on the individuals skills and expertise, the Project Manager will create a weekly-development task list of assignment that should be or approximately completed within the reasonable weeks time. Each week, a new task list is assigned out. Development usually happens in a group effort or by individual basis. Development days are 4 days out of the week, approximately an hour - hour 1/2 each of those days.

Duties & Responsibilities

  • Work on assigned tasks as required by the project manager
  • Work alongside of leadership to determine park completion
  • Works with leadership to develop & build a team-plan and execute it
  • Have the ability to multi-task and be made available
  • Other duties as assigned by leadership
    – Reports to the Project Manager


  • Minimum age of 17+
  • Minimum twelve (12) months experience
  • Proof of a minimum of at least three (3) different developments

Payment is determined based on amount of work put into the park. The quicker, the better. Pay is determined to be given to each developer on a monthly basis, 24-30K twice monthly. Payment will be given once the park begins to make an income. Developers will be asked to stay with the corporation for seasonal updates and future developments.

On-Boarding BONUS
For all new team-members who commit their time and efforts for 30 days, attend required training and uniform guidelines, and stay with the corporation for 30 days, will be given a sign-on bonus of 400 R$.

General Information
CEO: SimpleCylix
Project Manager: bluebandit211203yt
Discord: Bandit#1678
Group Discord: https://discord.gg/nFDjEY8fAG

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