[FOR HIRE] Sinful_Ranch's 3D Modeling Portfolio

About Me

Hello there! My name is Sinful_Ranch, and I have been a developer for over 4 years now! I specialize in 3D modeling and texturing. I’m proficient in both Blender and Substance painter, and can make almost anything you desire!


My discord portfolio: Discord

Here are some screenshots of my work


I am available for most of the day on weekends, however, I do have school from 8am EST to 2:45pm EST. I will be unavailable during these times. You can DM me whenever, just know if I don’t respond it’s because I’m in school.


Prices are currently negotiable. I prefer to do commission based work, nothing long term, although this can change depending on my schedule. I take USD and Robux, and as of now I am not accepting percentages unless I believe your game will succeed.


You can contact me via Discord or the Development forums.


Thanks for stopping by, and feel free to message me at any time!