For Hire Translator [CLOSED] [Turkish-English] [English-Turkish]

About Me and The Job;
I’m Turkish Roblox Player, Joined Roblox in 2017
I Know 2 Languages Turkish and English
I Created This Post 2 Years Ago, Thinking I Could Join A Team and Start Earning
Robux, I Wasn’t That Much Serious Back Then
I Have Decided to Edit This Post, Because It Was too Bad and Had Too Many Issues.
I’m Still Learning, but I Have A Decent Knowledge of English and Turkish
I Can Translate Basic Games Such As; Simulators, Story Games etc…
I haven’t translated any games on Roblox, but I would like to do.
I Can Work for One-Time Pay of 100-500 Robux.

That not fair. I can do it in less than a month. Imagine you have only “hi” to translate to turkish. So translation time can depend.

Instead of this:

Do this:

Why hiring you if you do not even translated your own game before?

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It clearly says “CAN be more than 1 month.” This has nothing to do with fairness. Suppose somebody commissioned him for a huge project. Obviously it will require more investment and time to complete everything. No where in his portfolio does it say that each and every project he is commissioned for will take a month to be finished.

You Are Right I Will Change it Now, Thanks!