[FOR HIRE] Veacian / 3D Artist / MODELER / BUILDER/ Low Poly Terrain Artist

About Me

Hi there! My name is Veacian and I am an experienced modeler and builder! Recently just became a UGC creator as well! I specialize in the making of simulator maps, assets of all kind, and really anything you can think of, I love pushing my abilities to the core and getting better at modeling. In my spare time, I love experiencing and playing with c++, python and sometimes lua. When I’m not on the computer or doing school, I’m most likely working out :muscle: and becoming a better version of myself. I always aim for quality and will always make quality.



Medieval assets

Squid Game Masks






unknown (15)




unknown (1)

Textured Items

Modeled and textured completely by me from scratch

Beef and rice bowl

Salmon and avocado toast

Bento Box

Wood Plank

Wooden cart with barrels

UGC Items

My UGC work can be found here :paperclip:: [UGC Portfolio] Veacian's UGC Portfolio

All items are 1200 verts and 4000 triangles or below. Texture being 256 x 256.

I only accept payment via Robux. I am not open to accepting USD as of now.


I charge R$200K - 300K per full map. Prices may vary depending on the job and the size of the map.

Individual Assets

I charge R$5K - 30K per asset. Assets include Tools, Pets, and small models for decoration. Prices may vary on the complexity of the asset, but generally are based around the set price.

  1. Do not scam. It’s not worth it, and will never be worth it. Any attempt to scamming me will be held against you.
  2. I am allowed to decline or cancel your commission at any moment, with a full refund of course.
  3. After 50% of the commission is done, cancellation will require 50% of the original payment back.
  4. I will give you your final commission after payment. I will show you screenshots but will not give the commission before payment.
  5. You MUST be 13 or older to order from me.
  6. No loophole in any of the conditions.
  7. Use common sense when ordering from me.
  8. If you will be paying me with %, I must think the game is good enough and has a good team to work with to make your map/assets.
  9. If we agree I will be paid on % and you don’t pay it then I will be making a doc and spreading the word. This also goes for longterm %, if we agree that I will have percentage lifetime and you remove it or change it without my approval I will be making a doc and spreading the word.
  10. If the commission is done and you have paid, no refunds will be given on any condition.

I am available for contact on multiple places. Below are all listed areas open for contact.

My Discord -chillymilli#5212
Managers Discord - SpiralRBX#9813 (You will most likely be in contact with my manager nonetheless.)


Sick work bro mabye one day we can collab