[FOR HIRE] Velo | Scripting/Building/UI

Hello there! I’m Veloskiy/Velo/Xtreme, and I specialize in scripting and building on the ROBLOX LUA platform.
I excel in making: Quest Systems, User Interface, Datastoring, Movesets, Leveling and more! Additionally, in terms of buildings I am rather new to the field but still have been practicing often and made a few models so far. If you are looking for either a commission or a long-term developer assistance for a project, you must be looking for me! Before you dig deeper into my portfolio, I recommend you read the following terms I demand in order to avoid confusions and/or scams.


→ I do NOT accept % pay. This means a form of payment through the projects release income.
→ I do NOT accept any sort of refunding demands unless I myself agree to do so.
→ I do NOT tolerate any sort of theft of my work. If found so, I am willing to take further actions.

I have made a game from scratch in the past to learn and further myself in terms of developing. In order to see a game I’ve worked on (Quite a simple game, but I chose to put it on here), click on the link below.

Spleef Tower [BUGS]


robloxapp-20210419-1355013 (1).wmv (3.0 MB) – Quest System & Wing Effect// sorry for trash quality.

Particle Outburst Module – Level Up Effect/ Quest Complete Effect

Check out my YouTube with a majority of my work…


JJK Styled House
Combining the 2 to make a Map

My Availability times are rather simple… I am available at all time for contact. However, my work time differs day by day. On the weekdays I am available to work for 1-2 hours due to school, whereas on the weekends I can work anywhere from 2-4 hours or more if necessary or I am in the mood. My time being spent on the given assignment also depends on the value. For example, I would prioritize working for a high-paying commission before working on a low paying one.

My Prices Are Always Negotiable


→ Commission [Single-Double Assets, Single System, Effect Module]: :robux_gold:100-800.
→ Short Term Developing Assistance [Side Developer, Helping here and there]: :robux_gold:1000-3000.
→ Long Term Developing Leader [Head Developer, Advanced and Intricate Systems]: :robux_gold:5000-25000

The price ranges are always in terms of change. If my assistance is purchased for a high amount, I put in the same amount of effort and quality to produce the best product for the purchaser. Also, for long term developing, I will stick around, guide, and develop with the best of my ability even after the game has been released to fix bugs or for future updates.

There are SO MANY ways you can contact me, but I will drop the social communication apps that I am most active on.

Discord: Xtreme#7781
Gmail: glitchdev2@gmail.com (cringey mail name I know, it’s old but I stuck with it…)
Roblox: Veloskiy
Twitter: extreme_creator
Or you can contact me right here in Devforum @Veloskiy.

Thank you for your interest!