[FOR HIRE] Website and Database Programmer


About Me
I’m a developer that primarily works on setting up servers and databases and programming a bot or web application to work with them. If a project requires learning a new skill it does not take me long to learn how to understand and apply it.


  • JavaScript
  • SQL
  • Databases (MongoDB, MySQL)
  • AngularJS


  • Setup a Web Server (Domain, SSL, Firewall, etc.)
  • Create a Web API
  • Making a Web Template Functional (Site, Dashboard, etc.)
  • Discord/Roblox Bots
  • Login Authentication (Discord/Roblox)

Past Work
I started off making discord bot about two years ago, eventually I went to work for The Nighthawk Imperium where I used Spreadsheet as a database. It was a clan that grew from 10k to157K+ where before it grew too fast I already began switching over to using MongoDB as it’s database.

I’ve current re-wrote this same XP promotion bot system and made it support multiple clans and now running a clan database service, if you want to see here’s the Discord Server. I been running databases for a little over a year now with this service.

My work schedule varies but I’m able to put in work Weekend mornings, and Weekday evenings. I’ll be sure to let you know my work schedule that week if you want a heads up.

USD Only, I’m not taking accepting robux.

I prefer to be paid based on the amount of work involved if it’s long term of short term. If you’re interested in hiring me I’d like to discuss terms that works with both of us.

Email: CourtSmith1101@gmail.com
Discord: TechSpectrum#2620



I think I’ll hire you :wink:



I’m available again if anyone wants to hire me to setup a server and database for them or help with a website.



Nice to see a another web developer on here with a nice portfolio :+1::blush:



Yep, just wish web work was in higher demand.



Couldn’t agree more with you, but I think as a web developer on ROBLOX; you would have to think of an idea related to ROBLOX that users want.

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I think web development is very separated from ROBLOX compared to other professions. As ROBLOX is it’s own website, not many people need your services, but I think you’re doing a good job interesting people with Discord and ROBLOX bots.

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Are you able to make a database of User Joins, Chat Logs, Exploit Logs, etc. which is accessible via Website or Discord?

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Yep I can though I dont make any sort of anti-exploit scripts, I assume you have one or thats just an example.

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So, you are able to make a database for Chat Messages and Join Logs?