For Loop not working

What do I want to achieve?
Well I just want the loop to print the Num.

What is the issue?
It does not! Its has no errors.

What solutions have I tried so far?
I’m not sure what I should do I checked out the Roblox Loops article but still does not seem to work…

The code:

for Num = 3, 0, -0.5 do

script in server script service.

I would like some help :slight_smile:

u need to add a wait statement, if there’s no wait statement your loop wont work because there’s no delay.

for count = 3, 0, -0.5 do

try that might work

It still does not work, what could be the problem?

It works fine for me, is that the only code in the ServerScriptService script or is there any other code? Maybe the script is never reaching it or the script is disabled?

Nope, it reaches it and the script is not disabled and its only in server script service.

Do you have any other code in the script besides the for loop?

Can you add a breakpoint or print before the loop?

Yes I do, I have a script which checks if the player is dead

Is that part of the script with the for loop? If so, we need to see the entire script, somewhere it is yielding

No its not. I used OnServerEvent

Okay I fixed it, turns out there was another script disabling the loop one :\