For other players my animation keeps creeping (Morph)

I’ve already copied and pasted (Health/Animate) and disabled (Anchored) What’s missing? Thanks!

Hi Mate do you have a short video of the issue?

For me everything works fine, other players see me like this and I see them like this too as shown in the video.

001.wmv (4.0 MB)

Hi What type of scripting are you using to carry out the morphing? and where is it located? :+1:

hmmm scripting looks good to me are the humanoids the same from original to morph ? It is like for some reason the animation is loaded on the client side and not on the server side so you can see it but everyone else can not. Have you tried to incorperate the animation loading on the server script in he chagechar.onserver event?

I am using this Plugin to get my humanoids

I don’t know how to do what you’re talking about this is my first game, could you help me with a tutorial? (chagechar.onserver)