For those of you who use Trello, how do you organize your boards?

Hey guys! So I’ve been using Trello for years now, but I still struggle on how to properly and professionally organize it. I tend to have checklists and boards all over the place, and it can get pretty cluttered and messy. I have looked up a few things on youtube and other sites, but I haven’t been able to find much use in their way of using it.

Feel free to share your boards and/or list useful tips and ideas on how to keep them organized :slight_smile:

When I use trello I tend to organise the board into sections of the game or project I am making like so:

I then use labels to state the progress and track what is complete and what isn’t. I find this way of organising works for me and is reliable.
That said though this kind of thing is personal and you should come up with a layout that best suits you


That’s a pretty great layout! The one thing that I do way differently than everybody else is throw all my tasks into one list, which makes it a little unorganized.