Force Abilities

Hi! Not entirely sure what the Starwars community on the DevForums is like but I thought you guys may enjoy the visuals on my latest project, in this case Force Abilities.

The only two abilities I have completed right now is Force Choke & Force Push, both using unique visuals to make them not only look good but also function very nicely.

I’ve been working on them for about two days now (a good amount of time each day) and I’m looking to continue working on them!

Let me know what you think I can add, change, modify, or what new abilities I should add next!

Force Push

  • An indicator to show where you can force choke, users within the bounds will glow
  • Ability to charge up your push, when releasing it will do the amount of power you “chared up”
  • Will shake your camera upon release
  • Moves your enemies camera slightly when pushed.

Force Choke

  • Has a ring filled up by both sides as a “cooldown” type system.
  • Has slight aimlock to make it easier for you to click your target.
  • Displays a line from you to your target, this line correlates to your enemies health.

I’m well aware some of these abilities may seem powerful, the game will be based off a leveling system and a skill tree, these abilities are showcased at a very “powerful” state.

Everything here is subject to change, please post suggestion down below and I will try to implement them as well as show you!


This is epic! Just one question tho, how did you force the player to a side? I’m new to scripting but I’ll def. Need this.

Yoo, awesome man. How did you acomplish the target area? I mean like the gui that appears to aim.

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@xLinkTijgerYT I’m assuming you mean on the Force Push when the user flies back? If so then I used BodyPosition for that. I attempted to experiment some with BodyThrust, etc… but it didn’t have the effect I wanted. If you can find out a better way please let me know!

@jrmblox The targetting area was done with 4 beams, two going out on your left and right, then two connecting a arch in the middle from both sides. In order to do hit registration I used a series of rays. It’s not perfect but it works really well for what I needed done.

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Looks neat. How’d you do the outline that traces the opponent?

Using some blender magic, How to create a Cel/Toon-Shading effect on models using blender!