Force Avatar Settings

Hi devs!
For my roleplay game I need a script forcing the blocky avatar and the body type to 50%. I’ve searched here in the devforum and I’ve found a forum talking about it. I’ve used the same script:

local Players = game.Players

function PlayerJoined(Player)
	local function RemoveMeshes(Character)
		local Humanoid = Character:WaitForChild("Humanoid")
		local CurrentDescription = Humanoid:GetAppliedDescription() 

		CurrentDescription.Head = 0
		CurrentDescription.Torso = 0
		CurrentDescription.LeftArm = 0
		CurrentDescription.RightArm  = 0
		CurrentDescription.LeftLeg = 0
		CurrentDescription.RightLeg = 0



but it does not work for me. How do I fix this?

Thank you.

you can just make a starter character i guess

How should I make it???

I think you can change it using the configure settings.

In game settings I can edit the standard body type but not the blocky avatar