Force #help-and-feedback threads to use a certain layout

As many know - including me - the #help-and-feedback category is flooded with topics that provide little to know detail on the issue. This leaves people trying to help dumbfounded and unable to solve the problem. Essentially, this ruins the point of #help-and-feedback, which brings me to my feature request. During the creation of a #help-and-feedback topic, the user would be forced to follow a pre-decided layout. This would basically force them to answer the necessary questions. If the user bypassed this, the topic would be considered spam. If you are having trouble visualising this request, here is a example layout:

Example Layout


What I have tried:

Extra Background Information:


Using a layout like the example would decrease the flooding of un-detailed, low quality topics. This would be similar to the Bug Report Wizard however the layout would instead be forced in order to post a #help-and-feedback topic.

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You mean like that?

So just basically remove this part?

I support that.


No, not really what I am saying (unless I misread your post). I’m requesting a feature that forces everyone that is making a #help-and-feedback topic to follow a layout like the example. Basically they would have to answer each part of the layout in order to submit their post. This would help with the issue of low-quality topics being made in the help category. I’m not going to point out any posts but if you click on a few topics in that category, you will see at least one post that is not detailed enough for you to help with the issue.

My point is that the template you describe kind of already exists, so why create a new one and not just change the wording of the existing one?

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You could change the wording although it wouldn’t help with the issue I’m explaining. Most users just ignore it and delete it straight away, proving it pointless to have it there without requiring users to answer every part of the layout. I’m requesting a layout (this could be the layout that is already used) that users must use to create a topic in #help-and-feedback.

The difference between my request and the already existing feature is the using the layout would be forced instead of it being voluntary.

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No one will use it. Did you see #development-discussion in the past months (with around 200 posts a week)? Imagine what would be in all #help-and-feedback category (with around 1.7K posts a week). Staff would be flooded with flags. The current system is okay and most of the developers give a proper explanation, other posts are flagged and deleted.

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I don’t know where you got that information but I can prove it incorrect. The system is not okay and most topics don’t include enough information. Usually posts in that category are like, “I have a problem where my flashlight is not working. Pls help me!!”. Most of those topics never get flagged or removed, which adds to the clutter of un-detailed topics in that category. Take a moment to scroll through the #help-and-feedback category. If you click on a few, most of them will not include enough information to help with the issue. I don’t see how my request would cause the staff to be flooded with flags? Forcing users to follow the layout would decrease the amount of flags because there would be less low-quality posts.

You clearly haven’t read through my topic or my posts. I stated that the system I am requesting would be forced on every player if they were drafting a topic in #help-and-feedback. They would not be able to choose to not use it.

What information?

If you flag, that means you report something. If it doesn’t get hidden it doesn’t mean it’s not reported. Another thing you mentioned is the quality of the posts. That’s not our problem when someone doesn’t explain something properly.

If there’s a layout that doesn’t mean people are going to use it how it should be.


how to mskae this work?

I’m aware of this. My point is that these low-effort posts that don’t provide enough information hardly every get removed, much less hidden, even though they are technically spam.

Your right, it’s not. The more we can do to help prevent the flooding of un-detailed topics, the better the forum becomes. Isn’t that what we want? Not only does this requested feature help prevent the clutter in #help-in-feedback, but it also increases the chances of the OP receiving support.

I’ve already stated this in my topic that these would be considered spam and should be removed. If users can handle following a simple layout, they shouldn’t be on these forums. There is a reason you have to be 13+ to get accepted. Teenagers and above should be mature enough to follow the rules and not abuse the systems.

Roblox can’t keep up with the forum (especially dd) and you want them to get 10x more work? The forum is not going in the right direction until the staff does something about it. Flagged posts take days to get deleted now.

How does this have anything to do with flagging? If this feature was to affect flagging at all, it would reduce the amount of flags made. I don’t see how this system would increase/decrease the flags.

That’s what I was saying in my post. The only difference between my request and the plugin is that my request forces the player to use the layout instead of it being voluntary like the Wizard (I’m unsure if the wizard is voluntary, so I am just assuming this is how it works).

Rather than flagging users that don’t use the format, they should make something like the Bug Report Wizard. This would force users to use the new format instead of just hoping they will.

Something like that. I don’t know if the Bug Report Wizard is forced but if it is not, that is why my request is different. I want a layout to be mandatory in order to create a help and feedback topic. If this was implemented, the regular way for creating a topic in #help-and-feedback would be disabled, forcing them to use the formatting.

I’m sorry if my post wasn’t clear enough, but what you stated was what I was trying to describe. Something like the Bug Report Wizard where using the format is required. What I meant by the flagging was if a user created a topic using the system and they bypassed it or abused it, we could flag the topic as spam.

It would. People will flag every post that has something wrong in the template. There’s already a template, but there’s no reason in forcing it. As I said, it’s not our problem. There are many people -13 and you can’t do anything about it.

People will flag things that don’t have enough information. It’s basically the same thing. I’ve already proven numerous times how this would actually benefit the staff by reducing the amount of flags. I don’t see how this would increase them since #help-and-feedback topics are already being mass flagged. Apparently, there has been an uprise in #help-and-feedback topics that do not relate with coding at all. These topics are frequently created and enforcing a template would reduce the amount of topics there are.

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And that would increase the amount of flagged posts because people wouldn’t use the template like they should.

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I don’t think your really getting what I am saying. There are already topics that have to do with other things and are in the #help-and-feedback category. These topics get flagged immediately and since they are frequently created, staff already get lots of flags. There are other benefits from this system. Please actually take the time to read my full request before arguing with false information. You can not really assume that the majority of people will not use the template. I don’t really want to go back and forth stating our claims. If you want to continue this, please PM me.

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You stated before that there’s an uprise of these bad made posts on #help-and-feedback:scripting-support and now you say a random forced template will change everything there?

Yes. It won’t fix every single issue with #help-and-feedback but it will surely help. The template would not be random and it would force users to strictly follow it, just like the Wizard this devforum already uses. Sure, people will flag topics that don’t follow it but how is that different than the already set system where users can type whatever they want and cause more spam. If the amount of flags were to change due to this feature request, flags would either stay the same or decrease. This means that we get a benefit while maintaining the same amount of flags.

If you want to continue this, PM me. I can give you all the reasons in a few paragraphs (I can even write an essay) of why this system would be important for the forums.