Force-reboot a server

If players are in my game, and I update it, in order to immediately be able to test with players I have to shut down all the servers to make a new server. Most people will immediately rejoin, but it still seems like a bad idea.
Is there a way I could use TeleportService or something to be able to move everyone in the server I’m in to a fresh server?

Speaking of updating games, how do I have the update messages sent to followers contain a description of the update?


See Soft Shutdown Script by Merely.


You can’t force servers to restart. However, what you can do is teleport players out of servers and let old servers close before teleporting them to new servers. That is the mindset in which the above, soft shutdowns, was made with (or something close to it).

As far as update notes, you could have MessagingService send a message to all servers containing information on the update. Not sure if you aim to do this before or after the shut down and where exactly said update information is supposed to go.

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Never heard of MessagingService before and it’s great to see such a thing exists, but I’m talking about when I get a notification on the Roblox website describing a game update to me. I want to be able to send followers the same notifications.

Are you talking about Game Update Notifications?

If that’s the case then go to Configure Game > Game Updates. It should be there.

As for the shutdown thing, the method for that has pretty much been said already.

Ah. There is no API available to accomplish this from in-game. If you are looking to use the update feature (as mentioned above), you’ll have to manually send those out.