Force Stop Part Selection

Normally when moving and selecting an object with rotate, scale and drag it works as designed. However today I’ve encountered a bug replicated across any place that forces a stop from clicking and holding those actions. This is abnormal and started as of 1/18 from my recollection.

This bug happens almost every time you’re trying to move a part by changing its orientation or position. TO produce this bug, click on any part in the workspace and try to move it, scale it or rotate it. It will likely force you to grab whatever it under it if it’s not locked. Once you grab it again it will continue to do this.

This bug will occur in any game and is directly implemented into the current version of studio.

From my knowledge, this bug started as of 1/18 and possibly 1/17.

Here is a video if the bug in action. I hope this helps find the issue! Let me know if anyone else is getting this.

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This has been going on for well over 4 years and I’m surprised no one has reported it until now.
It’s not as annoying as right click serving as left click or being unable to set the selection box size to 0, but I digress.

A simple fix to this would be to make the selection hitboxes bigger, I think.

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I know what you’re talking about and I think this is slightly different. Yes, dragging can cause this issue however what’s annoying me is the rotation, size and move. I’ve never had an issue until today with this.

The issue is happening on my Desktop now so the issue can’t be Roblox. I’m off to Best Buy in the morning to get a new mouse. Consider this problem solved.

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